TAPS can provide Independent consultancy services to Management, could be as advise on Process Automation projects in a wide scala of aspects, such as IACS Replacement projects, and on OT Cybersecurity projects, development and implementation of OT Cybersecurity parts, such as a SOC incl. next generation SIEM, Firewall Management System, CMDB implementation, etc. but also the justification and presentation to Senior Management.

TAPS can also provide consultancy services on Custody Transfer and Metering projects, skills and competencies or reviews.

Independent here means that the deliverables and services provided don’t have a bias to certain Vendors or products. The goal of TAPS is quality and not to sell products and often that is required at the start of Industrial projects.

Process Automation, also called Industrial Automation or Control & Automation is not a subject that stands by itself. It will need to be integrated into other workflows and processes. When there is oversight in what you can do with data, smartness can take your company to the next level of optimisation. TAPS has considerable experience with the integration of smartness and working with other disciplines to make this possible.

On request TAPS can provide a tailor made consultancy service, like the work mentioned below:

UzTransGaz SCADA project phase 2:

TAPS has been hired by the World Bank in 2020 to conduct a project in Uzbekistan for UzTransGaz. The work consists of producing a Conceptual Design for the SCADA upgrade project, managing the entire pipeline system in the country (>13,000 km) and operating and maintaining more than 250 large Gas Compressors. The work has been delayed due to the Corona COVID-19 virus and the travel restrictions.

However, via teleconferencing with all parties involved, TAPS managed to collect all relevant information. Video conferencing and questionnaires were sent and returned and this information was used to have an idea about the present situation in UTG and what are the wishes of UTG.

A few deliverables have been produced and these form the basis to develop the Conceptual Design, such as TAPS created an Operating Philosophy with a focus on the Process Automation side of the operators and a Best Practise EPC and MAC in Projects. These documents have been tailor made for UzTransGaz, a Gas Transportation Company, but with minor efforts these document can be changed to fit any oil and gas company globally.

The Operating Philosophy contains 8 main objectives and 35 main operational requirements and the Best Practice is about several contract strategies for an EPC and MAC in large projects.

For a SCADA project of this size the MAC will do 95% of the work and the EPC 5%. Nevertheless End-Users often contract an EPC and the MAC is selected by the EPC as a sub-contractor. This is an old-way-of-working and there are better solutions to allow the MAC to have a better place at the project management table to share project issues, avoid duplication of efforts and perform better.

The Conceptual Design is now in the final comment stage and not only the technical requirements are listed, also a road map to smartness and its integration in UTG is provided. The work also includes integration of other projects and a budget cost estimate with an accuracy -20% to + 30%.

Contact TAPS if you also have a need to receive this type of consultancy service, please see contact TAPS. If the work is not suitable for TAPS, a free advice can also be provided where to find this expertise.

Specialties of TAPS:

  • Management consultancy
  • In depth knowledge of Measurement, Process Control & Automation
  • Custody Transfer and Metering of oil and gas
  • Process Automation Strategy
  • Operations Philosophy
  • Best Practices on Industrial Automation, contract strategies and the management of this
  • Development of Conceptual Design of Process Automation projects
  • Process Control IT-Security (OT Cybersecurity) general and with depth
  • Development of Reference Architecture of Automation Systems
  • Auditing, Accreditation of reviewers and reviews
  • SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) and SIF (Safety Instrumented Functions)
  • Large and small project support
  • Provide training of Process Automation and OT Cybersecurity (together with Magion)
  • Provide any form of consultancy services in the area of Process Automation and OT Cybersecurity.